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The solution to your writing and translation tribulations

You bring the ideas, we bring the words!


Your company must


Piles of Paper_edited.jpg

issue plans and reports to its stakeholders and other parties?

Your organization must

write policies or its by-laws and statutes, or set up its governance?

Your department or agency must

produce strategies, programs, policies, plans, studies?

By eliminating their editorial distractions, SCribePlus allows inpired people to focus on their mission and move it forward.

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You are therefore possibly dealing with:

  • A vulgarization headache

  • The blank page syndrome

  • A waste of precious time

  • Staff feeling overwhelmed


Documents soignés, rangés


Because you must write it down at one point!

With SCribePlus, you save time! Moreover, the stucture of the text is logical. This clever construction makes it easier to read and reinforces your message. 


Because you need to reeach more people!

With SCribePlus, the translation remains faithful to your original meaning. Nuances specific to French and English are used wisely. 

I have had the opportunity to work with this magician. He has a knack for lining up the technical with a sense of presentation flair that helps make your points more effectively.
 - Manager of Operations | Rail Transportation

His business experience, creativity and determination are what make him an exceptional translator. I asked Stéphane to translate a series of documents that required finesse, innovative thinking and wisdom. He was able to understand and convey the right tone and mood of each project. I was looking for a balance of straight to-the-point business language and an inspired French. He delivered.
 - CEO | Communication and Coaching

Technical background

The technical background allows for the popularization and lightening of heavy concepts

Knowledge of stakeholders

Knowledge of the stakeholders facilitates the development of messages in tune with their interests

Understanding of organizations

The understanding of organizations brings increased sensitivity to their reality

This experience is well suited for complex mandates, including those of a technical, strategic or political nature. 

Mes produits


Registres comptables

Large-scale projects:

  • Plans, strategies

  • Reports

  • Memorandums

  • Studies

  • Guidelines, statutes and regulations, by-laws

  • Policies, codes of conduct

  • Procedures, processes

  • Municipal accreditations support

Small-scale projects:

  • Speeches

  • Meeting minutes

  • Correspondence, newsletters

  • Articles

  • Supporting documents for various files and processes

  • Presentations

Your project is not listed above? Ask always; I will be happy to see how we can meet your needs. We never know where this could lead us. 

Indeed, SCribePlus' services are first called upon to meet writing and translation needs. Then, it is quickly discovered that it can do much more, or Plus.

There is therefore PLUS

Welcome to management support

The structuring of ideas and understanding of the issues required for good writing, as well as extensive management experience, also lead to complementary mandates, such as managerial support. 

Kloud Standing Desk  - TheStandingDesk_edited_edited.jpg

Management support

allows you to:

  • Temporarily replace colleagues that have suddenly departed

  • Complete various projects that are too often postponed

  • Launch the development of various strategies and long-term exercises

We are then asked to design presentations, perform presentation coaching, execute general management, develop various plans and even provide simultaneous interpretation services with meeting facilitation or management! This is where the " " in SCribePlus comes into its own: helping people at the intersection of their needs and our varied skills so that they can better focus on and advance their mission.



Les magazines

The power of words

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438.528.mots | 6687

Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, in Montérégie


Thank you for your word!

Au sujet du rédacteur


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Writing | Translating | Management



Providing a useful service

SCribePlus was born out of a desire to provide a useful service by bringing together management experience, technical (engineering) background and organizational knowledge. This unique combination serves its mission of telling your story well or to provide you with managerial assistance for immediate needs or fixes.

I had the opportunity to work with Stephane. Extraordinary leadership, excellent communicator, and one of the greatest executives in government!
- Manager, Public Relations, Events | Government of Canada

SCribePlus stands out for its managerial finesse in its communications and its communications savviness in its management. Thus, the documents transmit, in simple terms, the concepts specific to your mission, especially those of a technical nature. The text is enhanced with strategic overtones thanks to a fine knowledge of your environment and that of your stakeholders.

Daily in my work I remember something useful I learned from Stephane! 
- Director, Integrated Planning and Performance Management | Government of Canada

Combining competencies
With degrees in engineering, administration, international management and public affairs, Stéphane has been managing and writing for more than 30 years, mainly within the following four organization types: ​​


Ministerial offices, agencies and departments, all from a technical or operational environment

Up to the function of Director General


A national corporation in municipal development and sustainable planning

Function of Director General


Key multinational of the supply chain


Function of Senior



Sustainable living, professional reintegration, education, social housing, charity

Board of Directors and executive committees

antenne parabolique
  • Technology development

  • Media relations and public affairs

  • Space station commercialization  

  • Astronaut recruitment campaign

  • Project management

  • Partnerships

Executive functions - space agency:

Ingénierie avionique, moteur d'avion
  • Portions of airport operations 

  • Annual reports 

  • Reports on plans and priorities 

  • Performance measurement reports 

  • Media relations and communication strategies 

Management and writing mandates - airforce and space

  • Winter operating plans 

  • Grain transportation plans 

  • Community Activities Report 

  • 25th Anniversary brochure of the IPO 

  • Executive official correspondence 

  • Articles and advocacy letters

Writing mandates - freight railroad

édifice à bureaux
  • Renewal of organizational foundations 

  • Strategic planning

  • Development of structuring policies

  • Statutes and code of ethics

  • Program evaluation

  • Governance and risk management redesign

  • Workforce reorganization

Management and writing mandates - Gov., NPOs

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